Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guess Who Got Returned?

Yes, they returned one of my puppies.  It was the couple who brought their dog matchmaker/trainer to help them choose a dog.  They were totally clueless about puppies but I gave them a 50% chance of success because they had a trainer.  Well, as you can see, trying to crate train a puppy led to sleepless nights and here she is back with me again.  She is so happy to be back with her mom and sibling.  Her sibling goes to his new home on Friday though.  Hopefully she will get adopted this Saturday to people with another playful dog and who understand puppies.

Still no window air conditioners here.  I have today off so my plan is to work on that project.  It rained last night and this morning was nice and cool.  So far it hasn't been unbearable hot in the house.  Not like all those people in other parts of the US who don't have electricity because of the storms.  That would be awful.  Our swamp cooler is still keeping the temperature at 78 and my ceiling fan on high makes sleeping comfortable.

My parents and I are looking into adding a third bathroom on to this house while we wait for their house to sell.  The plan is to buy a house with 3 bathrooms, a large yard and a guest house with the proceeds of the sale but since we have no idea when it will sell, I thought we should see how much an extra bathroom costs.  There are 2 places that would work, I think.  One would be the laundry room.  We could move the washer and dryer in to the breakfast nook and turn the laundry room in to a bathroom.  The second would be to add a bathroom under the porch area which is next to the current master bathroom.  Of course that would require walls.  What we need is an extra toilet so that my parents and nephew don't have to share and a walk-in shower for my dad because the bathroom they have now has a shower/bathtub combo and we don't want anyone slipping.  I hope the cost isn't more than $5,000.  The biggest problem that I see is accessing the sewer line for the toilet.  Hmm...composting toilet anyone?  The shower and sink could drain outside and there is already hot and cold water in the laundry room.  This is starting to sound like the last bathroom I created in my old mobile home.  I used a camping toilet for 2 years.  I don't think my parents like the camping toilet idea though.

Let's see, plans for today...take a nap, make pulled pork for dinner, and go out to my property to get tools and supplies.  I'd better get started!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Probably just as well that puppy is back. You don't want him to be having a miserable life. He will be gone soon enough I am sure, with his cute face.
I am sure I have seen adverts that say something like you can have a toilet in a place where you cant have a toilet. In my mind i think that means they have a pump and are not just gravity fed? Um, maybe?

Dave said...

Wouldn't the laundry room (the possible location for an additional bathroom) have an existing sewer line connection for the wastewater from the washing machine? Or are those not ocmpatible?

Glad your weather has cooled off. After some 90+ days here in NY, we have been in the high 80s since then, pretty normal, with nighttime lows around 70 (also good, can open a window!).

At least we have had no power problems.

I hope you have better luck with the doggies.

Daizy said...

You are right Lizzie, there are calmer puppies out there that would be ok by themselves but this puppy is very high energy and I don't think the couple was giving her enough exercise before locking her up in a crate. I'm sure she was missing her brothers and sisters.

Daizy said...

Dave, after doing a little reading on the internet I learned that the laundry has a 2 inch drain and the toilet needs a 4 inch drain. The macerator and pump system that Lizzie mentioned would allow me to use the 2 inch drain. This just might work without having to rip up any of the concrete slab.

Glad to hear your weather is back to normal.

flower girl said...

Happy 4th of July!