Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Quick State Of The House Tour

A lot has been going on around here and I finally took some pictures so that you all could see what I am talking about.

This is my bedroom with the happy dogs and the baby gate. You can see the fence in the background. That is closed when I am not there so that the dogs can't jump on my bed while I am at work. They have access to the yard through the sliding glass door. My bedroom has a west facing glass door so it is getting warm during the day already. I need some curtains to block the sun.

This is my parents room. My mom measured it tonight and we found that the other bedroom is bigger. I didn't think they would want to be next to the room with all the dogs in it though.

This is the view from the kitchen. We set up the adjoining room to be the living room. there is a armoire and TV in the other corner.

This is the backyard now. The dogs have their half and my parents are planting a small garden in their half. I hope they have better luck at Arizona gardening than I have had.

This is the extra room where my nephew will stay in 2 weeks. I folded up the futon tonight so there is more room. We are still working on putting the bunk bed together.

And lastly, this is the storage room. This is where all of my parents' stuff went and it is slowly getting unpacked. Someday we will be able to sit on the couch again.

So, there you go. That is the state of my house. The furnace installation was completed today. I am very glad that is finished. Now, back to the car search!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

So much space. So, so very envious!! It will be lovely. Although it is presumably easier than living in the desert, which do you actually prefer?

Daizy said...

I must say I enjoy pavement outside and a large block wall and no dirt roads and the convenience of being in town and running water and a real kitchen and indoor laundry...ok, I could go on and on.