Saturday, March 31, 2012

Driveway Decor

My mom's car is part of my driveway decor now. She doesn't have insurance coverage yet so she isn't driving. I called to get her signed up but the insurance company was busy so they said they would call back in a couple hours. They did call back but we were eating lunch at a restaurant and I didn't have the time to talk. My mom decided that she would wait until Monday to talk to a local agent instead. In the meantime, we bought a cover for the car so that harsh Arizona sun won't damage it. We will be riding to church squished in my truck again. Actually, the parking lot at the church is so tight that my mom doesn't want to park her car there at all. I think we need to find a new church with a roomier parking lot. haha. Gee, something makes me think I'm not going to be allowed to transport dogs in this car. It does have quite a roomy trunk and the back seats fold down. I bet I could fit half a dozen dogs in that back seat/trunk area.

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