Saturday, February 18, 2012

Slower Than Expected

The rain on Friday put my moving schedule back a week. The tree trimmers were supposed to be done today, and they did get almost everything done, but they have to come back on Monday to finish grinding one more stump. The tree guy told me that I have to wait a month before planting new trees so that the phosphates from the fresh sawdust don't burn the new trees. I wanted to plant right away but really, I'm not ready to plant so waiting a month won't be that bad. I think I want to plant Desert Willow and Pomegranate. The tree guy suggested Jacaranda and Bottle Tree. Those are nice too.

No dogs adopted today. I am sad about that. I really thought my fluffy dog would get adopted today. Oh well. My fluffy dog has decided that he can't walk on shiny slippery floors. That will not help him get adopted.

I haven't decided whether I will move the washer and dryer tomorrow or not. I need to do laundry somewhere, either here or at the house. I do want to go shopping for fencing for my interior dog fence. I tried Home Depot and they only sell 3' and 5' pool fencing panels. I want a 4' panel. I will try Lowe's. If they don't carry it I will have to order it. I hope it will arrive by next weekend so I can get it installed. And then all I have to do is pick up the millions of china berries that are all over the yard and reinforce the gates and then the dogs can move in.

Oh, and yesterday I went to Home Depot to pick up some spray on grout sealer. Unfortunately, the clerk said they don't carry the spray on kind any more so I bought the paint on kind. That's another job I should tackle tomorrow. While I was there I turned on the hot water and didn't feel any so I checked the hot water heater. It was not lit. I read the instructions and tried to light it, nothing happened. I turned the lever on the gas line and tried it all again. Nothing happened. I walked around the the gas meter, no help there. I went back in and tried it again and the button seemed to go down farther so I held it down and it worked! When I went back today I had hot water. One of these days I am going to actually take a hot shower there. Maybe if I get my washer and dryer hooked up tomorrow I can take a shower while the laundry is automatically washing itself. Wouldn't that be wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend the jacaranda! Pretty to look at when in bloom, but a mess to clean up after most of the year. At least mine are. The blooms are slippery to walk on and the dogs drag them into the house on their paws. The leaves are tiny little things, but there is a massive amount of them that fall each year. My dogs love the seed pods that fall, so I'm constantly taking them out of their mouths or hoping they don't get sick from the half-chewed pod I've found in the house. And I've had the trees drop sap on the cement patio in the back. I know the two I have aren't a daily chore, but they certainly seem like they are. I guess I prefer trees that require work for one season of the year, but not work for three seasons.

Here's a link to a 2008 LA Times article about them:

Daizy said...

I wasn't really considering Jacaranda. Growing up in California we had a lot of them. I remember squishing the purple flowers on the sidewalk. I think Desert Willow is a better choice. Same flower shape but not as many of them.