Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Work

I was expecting yesterday to be busy at work but I forgot that our other office was not back yet so I had another lovely slow day. Today, though, reminded me why I long for the weekends. The phone calls, emails, requests from people in the office, all started piling up. I didn't get enough done because I had to sit in on a meeting and get assigned more duties. At least I'm not bored!

I send my realtor an email to check on the house status but she said that she wanted to wait until Friday before asking about it again. She doesn't seem concerned. I hope she is right. I really wish I knew the bank's answer. It is less than 30 days until closing. We are going to have to scramble once we hear the answer or ask for another extension. It just has to work out!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I took an extra 4 days of my annual leave to go back next week but it was a waste. A few things have gone wrong this week so they call me anyway. Ah well, not such a shock when I have to go back i suppose.

Daizy said...

That's too bad. You got your days off back I hope.

Anonymous said...

We bought a short sale and waited 6 months for it to close. Not fun living in an apartment with 5 kids and a dog, but it was a good deal and worth the wait. Yours will probably be much sooner and I wish you all the best!