Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still Five

I brought my foster dog to work and drove him to meet some people at lunch. Unfortunately, their dog does not like other dogs and my dog was no exception. It was a mini Australian Shepherd and it kept trying to lunge and bite my dog. Oh well. Five dogs is a easy number for me. Four would have been even easier though but that probably would have made me want to get another.

I found out from my mortgage guy that I qualify for a closing cost assistance program from the bank. It should cover half of my closing costs. That's great but I don't want to get excited about it until I actually get the house and everything is done and paid for. I just going to pretend that I need $3k for closing and if I have any money left over then I can buy a fridge and some furniture...or perhaps, use some money to turn on the utilities?

Here are the rest of the pictures of the house:

I'll be removing some cactus. I really don't like the prickly stuff.

There's a nice covered porch for the dogs to hang out on. Maybe next Summer I can have a kiddie pool for them to play in.

I like this bathroom.

I don't like this bathroom but if it is functional then I think I can live with it for now.

Ahhhh!!! Orange wall! That will need to go away.

See the big dog door? I knew I wanted the house as soon as I saw it.

The blue master bedroom.

And one of the best inside laundry room with magic water faucets that fill the machine automatically! No buckets necessary. No waiting for it to rain. Oh, I can't wait! :)


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Looks great. I really hope this works out for yuou. I bet the neighbours will love the dogs!!

Dave said...

Are we invited to your housewarming party? :)

I may have mentioned this in a previous comment, but a friend of mine just closed on his co-op apartment a few days ago. He moves in in early January.

To give you an idea of how the housing markets are different here on Long Island (NY) than where you are, he paid $170k for a 1-bedroom apartment in a co-op.

Anonymous said...

I totally love the second bathroom.
With that shower just walk in......walk a dog in, walk all the dogs in.
I m gonna settle down now.

Daizy said...

Very funny Lizzie. Luckily I will only share one wall with a neighbor although the others are still within barking distance. I hope they are nice neighbors.

Daizy said...

Sure Dave. The dogs would like dog treats as house warming gifts.

How big is your friend's one bedroom? My house is 1700 sqft. That is quite a lot of money but I am assuming salaries are much higher out there.

Daizy said...

Barb, and I will have plenty of water and hot water and towels that I can throw in to the washer and they will be clean and the dogs will be clean!!! yay!

Dave said...

Daizy, I do not know how big my friend's place is. I will probably visit soon after he moves in. I am sure it is not a mansion LOL!

Yes, the cost of living including salaries are higher here than in your area. He put down $60k so his mortgage is "only" $110k.