Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Non-Update

My realtor sent me an email saying that there was no news from the second bank but that the house was "fast tracked". I hope that means we will hear something soon. It will still be ok if we hear next week. After next week and we will have to ask for another extension. I can't help trying to re-decorate the house in my head. Surprisingly, I am a terrible re-decorator in my head. I need to see a picture that I like or have a theme. In my last house I used the theme of grapes to decorate my kitchen and it worked well. With this soon-to-be-mine house, I get all confused by the last owner's color schemes and it just doesn't work with my ideas. I'm sure I will be able to figure something out. That's part of the fun of playing house.

I bought my first item for the new house, a puppy pen. It is something that I can use whether I get the house or not. I plan to stretch it out and use it as a fence to separate a dog area in the living room. I would like 2 more of the pens and a couple of baby gates for the doorways to keep foster dogs corralled while I am at work. Above is a picture of a friend's house who keeps her small dogs in the office area with a puppy pen fence. And it is also hard to see but she made some of those off the ground dog beds out of PVC and fabric. I hope to make some of those too.

I took a sick day today because yesterday I was just miserable at work and I needed another day to recuperate. I feel a little better. I hope I feel a lot better tomorrow.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I cant believe how long you have to wait. Do the dogs fully appreciate you are buying a house for them??

Daizy said...

Of course not! They will probably be mad when there are no more cars or rabbits to bark at and I will be telling them to be quiet all the time.