Monday, November 7, 2011

Rain On Monday

I had no idea it was supposed to rain today. Maybe I should have checked the forecast hmmm? I heard on the radio that it will be in the 30's tonight so I came home and put some pipe insulation around the water pipe between my tank and the mobile home. That is the one that froze and split last February and I lost 150 gallons. It would be worse this time since the tank is almost full with 400 gallons.

I also had to gather the trash, get my clothes out of the dryer and put them away, and sweep and mop the floor because it was covered with muddy dog prints. After I finished all of that I saw that my modem was blinking so I turned it off and on. It was still blinking so I had to take a flashlight outside and see if there was something wrong. It was pretty obvious. The dogs had a party in the yard and one of them must have jumped on the dog house and grabbed the telephone line. The line was strung through the window, over a cactus and plugged in to the outside pedestal because the inside telephone plug does not work. I tried some connectors that I bought but they didn't work. Luckily I also bought a 25' cord so I plugged it in. This time I attached it out of the way so the dogs can't get it.

Oh, and I saw a sign on the mailbox for water delivery service. I think one of the local residents is trying to make a little extra money. I wrote the number down and hopefully he will still be in business by the time I need some water...if I haven't bought a house before then.

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