Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Optimism

I am pretty sure my poodle mix is getting adopted tomorrow. She is super cute but kinda needy so it will be good when she moves on. A retired couple already filled out an application and another volunteer did the home visit so they just have to come over and pick her up tomorrow.

I am taking 3 others to the adoption event. (oh please please PLEASE let my last puppy get adopted!) My puppy has been waking up at 4:30 AM for some playtime. Yesterday she tried to get on the bed by wedging herself between the end of the bed and a cabinet. I have been meaning to empty that cabinet because it is full of dishes for the thrift store. Well, not anymore. She knocked it over and CRASH. I haven't even looked inside yet. I just put the cabinet upright and went back to bed. From the tinkling noises inside I assume there aren't many usable dishes left.

Not having a snake-free area for the dogs is really interfering with my fostering plans. I will just have to reduce my pack to a more manageable size for the small area that I have. The dog that was bitten is going to have a lot of scar tissue on her face. I hope, after it has healed, someone will be able to look past her scar and adopt her. She was such a popular dog before this happened. I am really sad for her and very scared that the snake is still out there and could bite another dog. I don't want this to happen again if I can help it.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

She is cute. Definitely good for an older couple who will treat her almost like a child.
I tried to persuade Fahed this week that we could be animal fosterers but he doesn't think we can cope with the animals moving on. I think he might be right. I might go for dog walking at the sanctuary instead. I am too much of a softy

Daizy said...

Dog walking is good too. At least they can't chew up your stuff or pee on your floor.