Saturday, October 29, 2011

Only Six More Dogs To Go

My poodle mix did indeed get adopted today to a very nice couple who will spend lots of time with her. I miss her kind of, but it is calmer since she is gone. None of my others got adopted but 2 other dogs in our group did find new homes. Our leader tried to get me to take 2 puppies today but I had to say no. With travel plans looming and snakes roaming about, I am determined to have less dogs.

A young-ish man was very interested in my puppy and said he would adopt her after payday. I gave him my info and I hope he calls. My puppy would love to get some one on one attention. She is at that age where she is very easy to teach but I am just too busy for that. My spaniel/doxie mix almost got adopted too but the couple had a very low fence, only 2 ft. tall and my dog would be out of the yard and chasing rabbits in no time.

Time flew by today. I hope tomorrow goes a little slower. I only have a few things that really need to be done. I need to replace the water valves in the shower because they leak. Also, next weekend is a garage sale fund raiser for our group so this is a great chance to get rid of some items. I just need to be organizes enough to sort them out ahead of time.

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