Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Lost Dog

Ack! I drove up the dirt road to my place and was greeted by 3 of my dogs running at me. I knew what that meant...they were all out! I got the 3 in the truck and then drove home and another one showed up. I got them secured in the fence, changed my clothes and then went out to look for the others. Luckily 3 more of them showed up rather quickly but one puppy is still missing tonight. I walked up and down the road calling for him and knocked on the neighbors' doors but no luck. Hopefully someone picked him up and took him home or maybe he will be back in the morning. I know I wanted less puppies but losing them is not how I wanted it to happen.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

oh no, good luck with operation puppy search. This why you need one of your offers to be accepted. Too stressful for you and the pups.

Midori said...

Oh dear, I hope the lost puppy is found safe and well. That must have been a heart-sinking sight to see your dogs running down the road to greet you. Aackk!

Sending good thoughts,


Daizy said...

Ya, happy dogs running down the road are not good! My puppy returned today so everything is good again. And the fence is fixed.