Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Lap Dog

I tried to get a picture of my new dog on my desk but she wouldn't go for it so I settled for a lap picture. I looked up how to tell a dog's age by their teeth on the internet and I am guessing she is only a year old. So far the only responses I have had to my ads are one for a male pomeranian and another one for a male with a docked tail. Nope and nope.

I continuing my 1 extra task a day plan and today I loaded my truck with all of the pieces to my extra dog run. Tomorrow I will drop it off at my friend's house after work if they are home. I hope they can figure out how to put it together. If not, I can go back on Friday or Sunday and help them out. I believe the door hinges are missing so she will have to find some. I never put it together. Oh wait, that reminds me, I forgot to put the door in my truck and the extra wire for the chain link. I hope I remember to get them in the morning.


Unknown said...

looks like my maltese/bichon cross

Daizy said...

I am wondering what she really is. I think the length of her legs make people say poodle mix. I am really bad at identifying these kinds of breeds. They all look the same to me. Let's see maltese/bichon would be a malti-chon or a bichon-tese?