Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally Brownie Time

It was back in the 90's today. Way too hot to be outside. All I had planned to do was laundry but I didn't get that done. I did clean the floor, put three nails in the wall to hang my clothes on and made brownies. I had to wait until it cooled off to make the brownies since my toaster oven cannot run at the same time as my air conditioner. That meant that the brownies were done late and I ate two and now I am very awake because chocolate keeps my up but they were good. I've been waiting all Summer to make them.

I also gathered up the pieces to an extra chainlink dog kennel that I am going to give to a friend. I forgot that I used 3 pieces of it on my own dog run so I will have to take them apart and figure out some other way to secure my dog run. It will be very nice to get those pieces out of my yard and hopefully they will be put to good use.

My little white dog was very clingy today and followed me everywhere. The guy that wanted her wasn't able to convince his parents so she will be a foster dog and go up for adoption if no one claims her before that time. We put posters up where she was found and filed report with the Humane Society along with the ad I posted. So far no one has responded. It will take about 3 weeks to get her in to the vet for her spay and shots so if someone is looking for her hopefully they will see our ads before that. She will go to work with me this week and be my desk dog. So far she doesn't really like dog food or treats and the only thing she was interested in eating was popcorn. Funny dog.


Dave said...

I like brownies, too, but I don't bake them in the warm weater. (I guess I'd never bake them if I lived in AZ!)

Daizy said...

You could bake them 3 days a year when it gets in the 20's!

T said...

Daisy, do you do the pyrantel treatment for all animals or wait for a parasite diagnosis first? 8 weeks seems like a long time if she has intestinal worms. Arizona is a dry region, does that make heart-worm and other parasites with mosquito vectors relatively infrequent?

Does the rescue cover the costs of deworming?

Daizy said...

T, I actually have more medicines for the dogs than I do for myself. I typically use fendobendazole and praziquental (if I see tape worms...ick). The rescue does provide or refund the money for meds but sometimes I buy my own. All the dogs get it. New dogs when they first arrive and the rest every couple months. Heartworm is still around but rare.