Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Dog Day

Blah...another day with NO adoptions. This is getting depressing. I was looking forward to less puppies. Yesterday I bought a brand new dog bed for the puppies since the one that they were using had been peed on and was not salvageable. They spent the morning chewing a hole in it and setting the stuffing free. I put that bed away. I got some donated linens today including a twin size mattress pad so I folded it and they are sleeping on it now. I hope they use it for its intended purpose only.

I zip-tied my new furniture cart to my dog crate and rolled my puppies around today. It was very helpful since some of the puppies are not used to walking on a leash. We went to the vet for their last puppy shot and they amused themselves by jumping in and out of the crate. Unfortunately, the plastic tray was old and they broke it and big pieces fell off. I was able to get a cardboard box from the vet which when flattened, covered the hole so that their little feet wouldn't fall through. It worked well.

One of the volunteers at the adoption event bought us all lunch from Culver's, a new hamburger place from the Eastern part of the country. It was good but there was no ketchup for the fries. I still haven't tried their frozen custard which is one of the things they are famous for. Hamburger places seem to be the "thing" right now. We have In And Out, 5 Guys, Monkey Burger, Culver's, and another place is opening next month, I can't remember the name. I think that is plenty of hamburger choices. Too bad none of them are near my house or my work.


My Frugal Miser said...

I miss Culver's as we don't have them in Alabama. I worked in software sales for over 6 years and the midwest was my territory. They are all over the place in Wisconsin and Illinois. Try the peanut butter malt when you get a chance. To die for.

Daizy said...

Frugal Miser, I had never heard of them. They are pretty good though. I still haven't tried the cheese curds yet. Peanut butter malt sounds pretty good.