Friday, September 23, 2011

The House Round Up

My realtor sent in my offer on my dream house today. The owner has until Sunday to say yes or no so that gives other people time to see the house and make offers too, unfortunately. I thought about the other houses that I saw yesterday but none of them were very exciting. The house with the roaches would have had potential if the roaches were dead (which they were not), the house didn't reek of insecticide, and the price was at least $15k less. It was very dirty and old inside and would need all new flooring, paint and upgraded kitchen and bathrooms.

Another house backed up to an empty lot that was just beginning to be developed for retail stores. That would mean months of construction noise and then delivery trucks. No thanks. Another was on a slope and only had a wood fence that was falling apart. It needed all over remodeling also. The last house had some potential but once again was missing the water heater which meant the listing agent said it was a cash only sale. I don't know if they could work that in to the escrow amount or not. It needed a higher wall though. It was only 5 feet I think and no RV gate.

I'll keep watching and waiting. New houses come out on the market every day.

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