Friday, August 5, 2011

Strike Two

My realtor called and said that Fannie Mae shot down our offer. They counter-offered with the full asking price and said that they wanted 3% for the escrow fund instead of the usual $1,000 and then they could pay for repairs out of that. I don't really consider that a counter-offer so I said good-bye to that house and I will be moving on to the next one, whenever I find the next one. I think I will be looking at 2 new listings on Sunday.

Maybe after that house goes to auction it will get sold for half price and some investor will fix it up and then I can buy it all shiny and new for a reasonable price. That will take some time though because the house has only been on the market for 60 days.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off from adoption events because I have to take my puppies to get their distemper/parvo shots and I don't want to make 2 trips in to town. If I lived in town it wouldn't be a big deal but 40 minutes each way is too far to go. My appointment isn't until the afternoon so I get to sleep in. Yay! Actually that means I get to take a nap after I feed, water and dole out the medications to the dogs. I'm looking forward to it.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Fannie Mae (which is a brilliantly appropriate rude name for them in English by the way)seem a little out of touch with reality. I am beginning to see how they messed everything up in the first place.

Daizy said...

My realtor says it is the fault of bad asset managers. Some houses are priced very well and those sell. Others make me wonder if the asset manager ever even looked at the house. My realtor says sometimes they just look at pictures and houses look better in little pictures. They must not care if the house sells or not. I'm guessing they want them to end up at the auction. Probably less work for them or something.