Thursday, July 21, 2011

They Like Me

I spent the morning with the mortgage agent answering all of his questions and signing forms. I did get approved so now I just need to check out the house again, talk to some neighbors and make an offer. My realtor did a search for comparable homes that have sold and I was dismayed to find that one sold for the asking price and the other sold for $10k MORE! That is hard to believe. Were multiple bidders driving up the price? So many of these houses have been sitting on the market for months and the prices have been reduced, sometimes 3 or more times. The house I want was just reduced last week by $8k. I sure hope there isn't another bidder for my house. I have continued to look online for other houses but I haven't found anything that I like more than this house. One of my coworkers says that I should look for a house for 6 months before I buy. I can't imagine looking that long. There aren't that many houses in the right location and in my price range that aren't trashed. Plus I don't have the time to look at houses every weekend. I'm tired of looking at houses already and I've only looked at 11. It isn't like there are so many great ones to choose from. It is more like I just can't find ones that meet my criteria. It is not fun looking at houses that I wouldn't want anyway.

When I finally did get to work today my boss bought everyone pizza. That was really nice. I was so hungry that I ate 4 pieces. I still need a few more documents for my mortgage, property insurance info, deeds to my land, 401k statements. I have almost found everything. The only thing missing is the description page of my second piece of property. I'm hoping I can get that from the recorder's office or something. I really have no idea where else to look.

No rain today but my water tanks are almost full from the storm that come through yesterday. It is very nice to have water again. Access to water makes this place feel so much more civilized.


The Executioner said...

Maybe the price on the few good houses get bid up because all of the rest are much worse by comparison?

Daizy said...

They are indeed. I hope no one else notices the house I want because I actually think it was worth the price before they reduced it. Maybe it is just to small and plain for other people.

A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

You may want to call your courthouse - you may be able to print your property description. Some of the information is accessible via the internet - most of mine are.

Daizy said...

Frugal Mom, I was ready to do that but luckily he said he had enough info. I hope I am done with all the documents. I am amazed that I was able to find so many of them. I keep everything but not really in an organized manner.