Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soggy Saturday

Someone decided it would be better if we started the adoption events earlier so I got there at 11:15 instead of 12. The only problem with that idea is that we were supposed to be able to leave early but some people left their dogs there and didn't collect them until after 4 so it was just a really long day. It wouldn't have been so bad except no dogs got adopted. There goes another Saturday.

On the way home it poured down rain. I couldn't even see and the streets were getting flooded so I pulled over and waited a while. When it seemed to be letting up I continued my drive. I was sure that my road would be washed out. After a mile or so it started to dry out and by the time I got home it was completely dry. I don't think I got any rain at all at my place. That's ok though because I have about 700 gallons of water now and I don't want my road to wash out.

Tomorrow I am headed back in to town to look at houses. I extended my search area and I have 6 homes to see. Hopefully these houses won't be as trashed as the ones I saw last week.


Scarlet said...

Good luck with the house-hunting. We looked at some that were in a terrible state before we found ours- it was the best of a bad bunch and still needed quite a lot of work but was in a good area.

Daizy said...

Scarlet, did yours need a lot of work before you moved in? If I use all my money to get the house I would like to at least be able to move in with a functioning kitchen and water heater. I'm not going to have money for repairs for a few months.