Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shrugging Off The Set Backs

I picked the boss up from the airport today and he bought me lunch. It's always nice to get a free lunch. No word on my rent money. I paid $500 of my Home Depot bill and I should be able to pay the rest next month. I have until the September bill to pay it off interest free. It shouldn't be a problem. I am trying very hard not to charge anything extra this month. I need to keep my emergency fund for real emergencies not for spending spree's.

The rain seems to have taken this week off. Hopefully it will start again next week. My water tanks are still very low. I have 200 gallons that I can transfer to my mobile home tank. I am expecting all of my tanks to fill up this Summer.

Someone called me and wants to borrow my dog trap to catch a stray dog. I had to dig the trap out of my shed. I still have all of my stuff from my rental house in there...carpet remnants, tile saw and tools, cleaning supplies. Cleaning out the shed is just another thing on my very long to-do list.

After work I stopped by my friend's house to check on her cat. Yes, it was still there. On the way there I saw a steer running down the side of the road. I was going to call the police but then I saw 2 sheriff cars so I am sure they could handle it...if they carry lassos.

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