Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bouncy Bouncy

Last month I got a notification from my property management company that my tenants had paid the rent early. I was excited and planned on paying off my Home Depot credit card with the money. I have been watching my bank account since this is usually the time that the money shows up in my account.

Today I got an email that said that the rent is late and my tenants have been sent a 5 day notice to pay or vacate the premises. Noooo! I emailed and called trying to get some sort of explanation and finally they called me back in the afternoon. The tenant's early check had bounced.

Hopefully the tenants will just write a new check and I will get the money on the 25th. I sure hope they aren't having financial difficulties. I don't want an empty house again.

I'm going to pay part of my Home Depot bill but not all since I don't want to empty my bank account. I have one more month of no interest so I can wait for another paycheck before I pay it off. If I do get the rent later in the month then that will go towards my emergency fund.

And to go with the bouncy theme, here's a link to some cute wild Foxes Jumping On Trampoline


Dave said...

Ugh Daizy, I thought you had put these rent problems behind you. Those new tenants wasted no time giving you a headache with tardy rent. I hope any ripple effects on your finances are minimal if not none.

Daizy said...

I know. I was looking forward to 12 months of worry-free income. I sure hope it was just a mistake.