Friday, July 1, 2011

Plans For The Weekend

Yay! I made it to another 3 day weekend. My boss said I could leave at 3:30 so I went grocery shopping and got a head start on my weekend chores. I was roaming the aisles (a bad thing to do when hungry) looking for something easy to prepare and ended up with frozen pot stickers and White Castle burgers. I have never had either one. I cooked up some of the pot stickers tonight and they weren't bad. I just hope they don't give me indigestion since I ate them at 8:30pm.

Since I turned off my RV fridge, I have been doing more food preparation over in the mobile home. I was planning on getting more propane but now I think I should just continue to move my stuff to the mobile home a little at a time. Eventually I would like to have the time and space to cook again. Trying to pan fry pot stickers on a tiny burner with 8 hungry dogs looking at me is not the greatest set up.

I am trying to schedule as little as possible for this weekend. Tomorrow is shopping, Sunday is laundry at my friend's house, and Monday should be my day to continue organising those back bedrooms. In between that I am going to relax, nap, play with the dogs and just enjoy my 3 days off.

Oh, and I got a new dog gate. I found a great deal on craig's list and couldn't pass it up. I have more fence parts too but the gate was most important. It's too hot to dig holes for the posts so the rest of the fence improvements will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Why not have a house ( new mobile home) for you and your two dogs and a separate house ( old mobile home and exterior dog run for your foster dogs. The dog house would have surfaces and textures that can withstand the abuse of many animals and not be destroyed and your house will still stay nice.
It seems like a shelter designed exclusively and frugally for animals would be more efficient and the more efficient(financially and otherwise) you become with the foster dogs the easier ( and quicker) it will be for you to get them adopted.
It seems to me that if you are constantly having to repair or adapt YOUR living space you are spending to much time on chores and not enough time enjoying such a wonderful hobby of fostering dogs.

Daizy said...

That is kind of what I am trying to do. The old mobile home doesn't seem to have much life left in it though. I'm thinking something with a concrete floor would be better.