Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Saturday Chores

I'm glad I have a day off tomorrow. This weekend was like all the other weekends. I did some shopping, I cleaned, I did laundry. All of those things have to be repeated at least every other week. I don't make any progress. Tomorrow I hope to do some things around here that will make my life easier. I did do one thing today though. I finally dusted off the heater in my bedroom and put it in my storage room. While I was in there I saw a 4'x8' sheet of styrofoam. You might remember that my ceiling has a hole in it from where the old swamp cooler was leaking. It was covered with plastic bags because I haven't found any inexpensive and light covering for the hole. I tried balancing a sheet of paneling over my head once but I couldn't hold it and nail it at the same time. Anyway, the styrofoam was light enough that I could hold it and nail it up at the same time. Hopefully that will keep some of the cool air in.

I bought some heavy floor runner material to try as dog door flaps. The plastic material that I used is too light and blows in the wind letting hot air in. With 3 dog doors, that's a lot of hot air. Tomorrow that will be my top chore.

I didn't get over to check on my friend's house until 4 today. I took 3 bags of laundry and 6 jugs for water. She asked me to clean out the perishables in the fridge so I made myself a nice salad and wasted some time clicking through many, many boring shows on cable TV while my clothes washed.

I'm not sure what I will do with the lemons. Make lemonade maybe?

I went home as soon as the last load was washed. I can dry them at home. By the time I put the clothes away it was getting dark. I was thinking about buying a movie to watch from Amazon but it is 9:30pm already. I think I'll just watch something free on Hulu instead.

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