Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Downs and Ups

I have always heard that it is better and cheaper to handle repairs for the rental house myself rather than let the property management company do it. So far I am finding that it is a huge hassle. I can't get a hold of the tenants and somehow I have to coordinate the plumber, A/C guy and door repair. I wish I knew how much the property management company would charge me. Having a full time job and trying to get anything else done during business hours, 9 to 5, is almost impossible without taking time off and I don't have a lot of time off to spend. If I don't hear from the tenants by tomorrow I think I will just ask the property management company to handle things. It gets too complicated with so many people involved.

On a brighter note, I was told that the tenants did send a cashier's check for the rent today. Too bad it is so late that I won't get it by the second disbursement date of the 25th. I suppose I will have to wait until the 12th of next month when next months' rent is distributed. I wonder if they will be able to pay next months rent? I hope so because it looks like I will be spending at least half of this months rent on repairs.


A Frugal Mom's Financial Expressions said...

We let our rental property manager handle repairs. Anything over $100, they have to call us for authorization. If the price seems high, we ask for an additional quote - or call for a quote or two ourselves. It seems about even. Sometimes the quote they give is the lowest - and someone they trust and sometimes, the second or third is better.

Daizy said...

Thanks Frugal Mom. I'll ask if my management company does that too.

Living the frugal life in France said...

our mgmt co. send us quotes for any large expenses and we make the decision yes or no. WIth us not being in the same country we leave it to them. If we are not happy we ask them to get some other quotes.
It takes a while to trust the people that are looking after your house but hopefully yo will be happy with them

Daizy said...

Sue, I know, it is so hard to know who to trust at first and so easy to get ripped off. I hope I can trust them.