Friday, July 15, 2011

Bulldozer Award Winners

This is the top award winner for the Bulldozer Award. I don't know what kind of business was going on in here but they sure did need a lot of lighting.

This house had so many walls added and strange "upgrades" it didn't even make sense as a house. I don't know who thought this tile was a good idea but wow.

I like how the tile below seems to escape out of the shower and just cover everything. It would have been cool if the toilet and sink were tiled too.

This kitchen was another fine example of house-rage. The front door, walls, windows, kitchen looked like someone had come in with a baseball bat. It appears they were trying to fix the kitchen but just gave up.

Oops, the ceiling is sagging.

And on the other side there is a big crack down the wall.

Just a little mold from the leaky tub on the other side.

The original kitchen from the early 80's. The cabinets were a little loose from the ceiling.

The utility room. This was the house that the realtor called "a pit". It wasn't that bad really except for the mold. The carpet was gross. This one was the most expensive at $80k and 1,850 sq.ft. It needed flooring, a new sliding glass door, leak fixed in the bathroom and roof work. It was too much of a monster for me. I don't need 1,850 sq.ft. anyway.

Ugh...moldy tiles.

A different house and a lot of cabinets. At least it is a spacious kitchen.

It was fun looking at these houses. It was also really really hot. One house had 3 bedrooms with cat pee carpet. We walked in and the smell was just awful. Another house had ants crawling in a line through the kitchen and lime green shag carpet. It was truly a man-cave. We overheard another house hunter call it "awesome". I called it "scary".

In the end that was one house that stood out above the rest. I will post those pictures tomorrow.


Laura L said...

Do you think the lights in house #1 could be grow lights for a um, er, cash crop? Just wondering about the weird lights and walls.

Daizy said...

Could be. There were a lot of lights and outlets. We couldn't figure it out.