Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am in upgrade mode or as some people call it, lifestyle inflation. I'm not technically supposed to be buying anything yet but with the weather hovering around 101-106F I am feeling some "needs", specifically, a need for a more powerful air conditioner. I looked online and found one at Home Depot for $200 for a 20'x20' room. That would be great for my living room. I wonder if they will have any in the store since it is so hot right now. When we had that week of freezing weather back in February, I went looking for a heater and Home Depot was sold out. Now we have a heat wave and I am looking for AC's. Maybe the stores will be more prepared. I mean, the freezing weather was not typical for Tucson but everyone knows it gets hot in the Summer every year.

I also was concocting an idea for more water storage. One of my friends mentioned a pool party and I was joking about a dog pool party so I started looking for above ground pools online. I found a pool for $150 that holds 2,000 gallons of water. I remembered seeing someone use a pool to hold their rainwater and I was thinking that it would be a cheap and easy way to hold some water compared to buying storage tanks which run about $1,200 for 2,000 gallons. You see, the only water delivery company that I found will deliver water for $120. I'm not sure what the capacity of their truck is but I am guessing 5,000 gallons. I'll have to ask him if he will deliver a truck load for $120. I only asked for the price for 500 gallons and he said $120. Then I asked for the price for 1,000 gallons and he said $120 because that was the trip fee and the water really didn't cost that much. If I bought a pool I would have 2,000 gallons plus all of my water storage tanks have another 1,000 gallon capacity. Of course it is going to rain any week now so I really don't have to buy a pool just yet. Maybe I can catch one at an end-of-Summer sale. It sure would be nice to have that much water. I could do laundry and clean and wash the dogs and even was my truck! Wow...that would be great.

Oh, and one more thing I could do if I had more water, I could buy an evaporative cooler so that my AC didn't have to work so hard and maybe my electric bill would go down. That would be excellent!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Surely if its so sunny you could have solar panels and phot voltaics (oops, speeling) so you barely need to pay for electricity.
A pool full of wet dogs sounds fun but a bit stinky once they come back indoors. Wet dog is not my favourite perfume.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I would looooove solar panels. The cost for a house size system costs around $20k after the rebates. It's on my wish list.

KoBold said...

What about using the hot tub(s) you used to have, as I recall, upon buying your property, for water storage?

Daizy said...

Kobold, that is a picture of my empty jacuzzi. I just drained the last bit of water. I do use it for water storage but it only holds around 250 gallons. Not very much.