Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Bills

I can't remember if I told you about my gas bill. Oh well, I will tell it again. So, I called the gas company because I haven't received a bill and they look up my account and tell me that I haven't had service in my name since 2007. But, I tell them, I filled out a landlord form so that when the last tenant had the gas turned off it would automatically go back in my name. Silence. Then she says that I am not responsible for it because it isn't in my name. I say, well, it should be in my name because the tenant moved out in February. So, I say, the tenant never turned off the gas? She says, that is none of your concern. Oh...um...I guess they are behind on their payments or something. Silence. Ok then...I'll just hang up now.

She was the most unhelpful customer service person since the sewer people. And speaking of the sewer people, I got my final bill FINALLY. Those were the people that were arguing with me when I told them that the water company sent them a turn off notice on Saturday and they said that was impossible because they don't work on Saturday. I sent off the $12 check and that should be the last utility bill for the rental house. I was thinking that I just have to pay my car insurance bill and then the bill magically appeared in my email inbox. It isn't due until July 14th though.

And...I checked my bank account again and my rent money was there this morning! Yay! Having a rental house is great when it is rented and nothing is going wrong.


My Frugal Miser said...

I receive direct deposit for one of my rentals and just love it. Wish all my tenants paid me electronically!

Your predicament with the gas company sounds familiar. I also have things set up where the utilities are supposed to be automatically switched over to my name, and more than once the service has remained on but I haven't gotten a bill. I guess tenants just don't care about their credit like they should.

Switching gears, what irks me is I've received warnings that a lien would be placed on a property because the sewer bill was not paid. Then I'm expected to provide proof that the tenant occupied the home by providing a copy of the lease. If the sewer bill isn't in my name, I don't understand why I have to prove anything!

Daizy said...

Frugal Miser, I was paid in cash up until now. Although it was easy to take some out for my own wallet, I do not miss having to carry it to the bank to deposit. Direct deposit is great!

You are scaring me about the lien and utility bills. I didn't think about that! Yikes.