Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Anticlimactic

Back to Chase bank I went today even though yesterday was disappointing. I was greeted at the door and I told the woman what I wanted. I got a less than enthusiastic response and then was told that wiring the funds would cost $30 and a cashier's check would cost $8. I went with $8 and was told to get in line. I filled out a withdrawal slip and waited and waited. People working there kept passing by and saying "Welcome to Chase. Welcome to Chase" but they did not offer any help. Finally the same woman who said "Welcome to Chase" when I walked in the door opened a window and helped me. I was trying to figure out how much extra interest to add since my payoff quote was for the 1st of the month and now there would be more days added for travel time. The woman said that transactions usually take 10 days so I just added an extra $20 to be safe. They will send back the extra.

I got my cashier's check and then had to make a detour to the post office before heading back to work. I estimate that my check won't reach a human until Monday at the best. Perhaps by next Friday I will see my account updated or maybe that is being too optimistic. Anyway, my checking account is a lot lower but my mortgage is still showing so I am not going to say it is paid off until the loan is officially closed. This is taking a lot longer than I expected. I would think with all the technology that they have now, that I could pay off my Chase mortgage with my Chase checking account a little easier, faster and cheaper than having to use the postal system.

Well, in a week or so it won't matter and I won't have to think about that mortgage any more. Next my surprise property tax bill, pay my 6 month car insurance, pay my HOA 6 month dues, and put $500 towards the Home depot card. One of these days I am actually going to get to do something fun with my money...I hope.


Dave said...

When I paid off my mortgage in 1998, I used the same electronic payment system I used to pmake my monthly payments, as I may have mentioned before. Even with that existing and free-of-charge method, it still took a few weeks until I received the closing documents including the original stock certificate (equivalent of a deed for a co-op apartment) the lnder had been holding since I took out the loan. It did not matter to me, as whenever they got around to mailing me the stuff was fine with me. I had no payment to make at the first of the next month which was all that mattered. The electronic payment appeared in my bank statement so I know it went through just fine.

It is too bad you ahd to wait around on line and go to the post office. I wish your final payment process had been as transparent as mine.

KoBold said...

Techonology leaps are funny. Here in East Europe we kept paying everything in cash when had been Americans using plastic for decades. We mostly use plastic now, having skipped checks altogether, while checks still go strong in the US.
Just like African countries leaping from no phones to digital mobile, skipping the landline phone systems phase.
Is your washing machine your friend on Facebook yet?

444 said...

This is exciting stuff, no matter how mundane the actual transaction was, and I'm very happy for you.

dottie said...

You know, yesterday when I read your post I clicked on the comments and was about to type.."Bank of America or Chase?" and at the last minute decided not to be so negative. I just knew it had to be one of those banks.
Well, since you told us it was Chase today I don't feel so bad saying that in my opinion I would consider BOA as the worst all around establishment in the world and would keep my money under a mattress if I HAD to bank with them again... Chase is growing into a close second for awful customer service.
However the most important thing is that your mortgage is so close to being gone FOREVER!!! That is so Cool!!! Great work!!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I was thinking there should at least be balloons and fire works when you made the actual payment.

Daizy said...

I think I will celebrate when my online account shows zero. Then it will be official. For now I have to continue to be patient.