Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog of the Day

This weekend went to the dogs again. On Friday I got one dog adopted and then yesterday all 3 puppies got adopted. I was enjoying the relative calm but then they put another dog up for urgent rescue, was going to be put down at 5. I called my friend who I was dog sitting for and asked her if she wanted a replacement dog since hers got adopted last weekend. She said yes so I caught a ride with another friend who was also going to rescue a dog. I finally met someone who only lives 15 minutes from me. We took her van and I looked at all the dogs and ended up getting 2 for myself as well. This little pure bred West Highland Terrier was looking very scared so I got her. I love the terriers. I got a little spaniel mix boy too.

I am super tired now so I am going to bed and trying not to think about my weekend being over already.


Midori said...

Oh my goodness, that little terrier is cute! Thank you for rescuing her!



Daizy said...

I couldn't pass her up. She was so scared. She is the cutest thing too. So affectionate and just gets along with all the other dogs. Of course I want to keep her but I'd better not or else I won't have room to rescue any more.