Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 Weeks To Go

Who am I kidding? Naps with the dogs on the weekends are my favorite part but it also makes the weekend fly by. Of course when it is 100 degrees outside it doesn't exactly motivate me to go out and do chores.

I had a lovely nap with my dogs and then it was a little bit cooler so I did a load of laundry and watered the surviving trees with the laundry water. My Mesquite tree died when we had the freeze back in February. I am surprised because it should have been able to take it but maybe the combination of dog chew damage, drought and cold did it in. I still have my Desert Willow, Mexican Bird of Paradise and Ironwood although they are all babies still.

I have enough water left for one load of laundry. A coworker is going out of town for the July 4th week and she asked me to look in on her cat and she said I could do laundry so I need to make it 3 more weeks. That should be pretty easy since I only need to do my own laundry every 2 weeks and now that all of my little puppies got adopted I don't have any dog laundry, at least not a lot.

I bought a faucet water filter to help with my stinky water. It works great but it cost $42 for the apparatus and an extra filter. Each filter is suppose to be able to handle 100 gallons. I still have 200 gallons in my jacuzzi that I was saving for laundry water but since I am so low on dog water I am going to use it for them. It was the water that I transported in the barrel that was used to carry hand soap but I think with the water filter it should be ok for them to drink.

Of course I am also hoping that it will rain within the next 3 weeks. Probably more towards the end of that 3 weeks. Monsoon season starts this week although there is no rain in the forecast. The weather people are often surprised by precipitation so I don't really trust them.

This week I should get my rent money. Hopefully it will be direct deposited instead of them sending a check like last time. I also hope to see my mortgage balance go to zero by Friday. I will be checking it online every day of course.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Snoozing with the dogs sounds very restful but hard to relax with every thing backing up around you. You have to teach those puppies to be more useful around the place.

Daizy said...

I know! I spent my evening picking up dog poo and pillow stuffing. They could have picked up while I was at work!