Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sometimes It's Worth The Effort

I spent the day at the pet store again. Although it is only 4 hours is seems to take up the entire day. Towards the end, just as I was about to leave to buy shelves at Home Depot, someone wanted to adopt my big puppy. This was the dog that chews all of my towels and dog beds so I was thrilled. They filled out the paperwork and I delivered the dog to their house. Their dog wasn't that happy with a new dog in the yard but hopefully they will become friends very fast so that she doesn't get returned. It will be very nice to be able to put dog beds out again without waking up to a fluffy wonderland of dog bed stuffing.

Other than that I didn't get any shopping done or get the propane tank filled so those are on the chore list for tomorrow...assuming I don't just take a nice long nap in the afternoon. The only chore I can't put off is the propane although I could move the food from the RV fridge to the fridge in the mobile home and take this opportunity to defrost it. Hmm...I seem to be able to make excuses for everything. I think I will just enjoy the day and see what I feel like doing.

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