Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Productive Day

Today was supposed to be a dog chore free day but as it turned out I did a lot of dog transport today. First a lady wanted to meet one of my dogs. She ended up adopting him which left me free to do some shopping. I went over to Home Depot and bought the shelves that I wanted to buy yesterday and then stopped a the grocery store. My last errand was supposed to be to get propane but when I got to the RV park they were closed. They had switched to Summer hours so I was out of luck. The bad part is that I had just bought a bunch of frozen food. I haven't run out of propane yet but I know I can't make it until next week so I will have to find a place in town and go there on my lunch break. Either that or I will be eating a lot of thawed frozen food this week.

After I got home I put everything away and then loaded up the dog I was dog-sitting and took my 2 dogs to my friend's house. It is too bad she lives 40 minutes away but my dogs had a lot of fun at the dog park by her house. It actually has grass unlike most of the other dog parks in town. We got back home late and now all the dogs are asleep. My house seems empty again with those 3 dogs gone. Guess it's time to do some more dog shopping. I will try to wait until next weekend but if I see another 24 hour notice you know I'll go to the pound after work. For now I will enjoy the calm and I sure do wish I had a day off tomorrow now that my early rising dog is gone. The rest of us would enjoy sleeping in.

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