Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When I Was Young

Monday and Tuesday seemed to drag but today went by quickly for some reason. The weather has been beautiful, not that I get to see it very much. No rain in sight but my water tanks are still pretty full even after 7 loads of laundry last weekend.

The Fair is here and I can see the lights sparkle in the distance when the sun sets. Although I am not going this year, I am enjoying the pictures that friends are posting on Facebook. Their children are in 4H and are showing chickens and sheep. I showed chickens one year when I was 12. The big kids all had little bantam chickens and I had a huge Rhode Island Red that I could barely lift. I missed the First place ribbon because I didn't know where the hackles were. I'll never forget that. I also missed out on my 4H pin because I didn't know we were supposed to turn in a report. It doesn't matter now but it just brought back the memories.

Thinking of those missed opportunities when I was young makes me think of what I am missing now. I still go to work everyday and wish I wasn't there. I want to be doing something that makes me excited to get out of bed instead of dreaming of sleeping in. I want to do something that makes me forget what day it is instead of longing for the too short weekend every week. Life is slipping by. I look back on the last few years and I see progress on paying off my mortgage and I see 52 foster dogs so far. The dogs were much more memorable than the money. Of course my job gives me the money so that I can foster dogs but very soon I need to figure out how to make money doing something I enjoy. Life is too short for clock watching.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Have to agree. Wishing your life away. Not good. How about dog boarding kennels to finance your dog fostering habit?

Petunia 100 said...

Life is way too short to work at a job you don't enjoy. I hope you will soon find work you LOVE! And you will soon be in a financial position to pursue what interests you instead of what pays well. :)

You certainly have the room to build some kennel facilities if that is what you wish to do.

You are doing a wonderful thing giving so many dogs a second chance at a happy life!

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I think I would need money for a house in order to do dog boarding. Or maybe I could fix this mobile home up to be respectable. Still, I would need money and that means another few years at this job. I certainly wouldn't leave a dog here. It looks a bit run down and trashy.

Daizy said...

Thanks Petunia. I am just getting restless the closer I get to paying off my debts. I am certainly considering all of my options. I haven't found the answer yet but I know it is out there.