Friday, April 8, 2011

Taxes On The To-Do List

Both of my bosses are off to Asia for a week so there will be no one watching us...not that we need watching anyway. My coworkers asked me if I was doing dog adoption events again this weekend but I said no, I am finishing my taxes. Then they said, why didn't you do your taxes earlier and I said well, because I was working on the rental house and doing dog adoption events. I looked up most of my stock basis information tonight so all that I have left to do is to find the selling price and then enter all of the info in to the program. It is just time consuming and tedious.

I got another 100 gallons tonight. Hopefully I will get some free water tomorrow if it rains. And even though I am not planning to go to any dog event I was sent 2 applications for my little brown puppy. The people are always sooooo excited to meet the dogs. It is hard to re-arrange my plans to coordinate with people who live across town especially when they may or may not adopt my dog. I know the best time to get them adopted is when people are excited but really I want to tell them that they will have to wait until next weekend when I am planning to attend an event. Maybe I am just jaded because the people last weekend were soooo excited to meet him and then on Monday they were sooooo in a hurry to give him back. Well, I can probably squeeze some time in Sunday afternoon. Maybe he will get adopted for good this time.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

So maybe it is worth selling the shares just to make your tax return easier?
Thats what would bother me about giving the dogs for adoption. THe people make their mind up instantly and have to have them and then just as quickly they dont want them. Pity you dont have chance to give them a 28 day colling off period but I know there are too many dogs on death row to make it practical.
Hope you have a good, and maybe wet, weekend.

Marie said...

Are you able to write off all the dog expenses as donations?

Daizy said...

I am glad I sold the stocks and yes it will make my taxes easier after this time. Right now I am getting punished for keeping terrible records.

The dogs have a 72 hour money back guarantee plus they can be returned at any time. Actually, they are required to be returned to us if they are going to be given up. People usually keep them after the 72 hour period. Still, 20% or maybe less, end up coming back to us a year or more later. It's always a mad rush to find foster homes for those dogs.

Daizy said...

Marie, I don't itemize my taxes so I haven't tried deducting any dog expenses. This year I am fostering for a registered non-profit and I have a lot more foster dogs and expenses so I should look in to that.