Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spam And Vacancies

Did you hear about that marketing company that had a security breach and now a lot of email addresses are in the hands of spammers? I have been noticing my spam level go up and up even when I block them. I read that Verizon, Chase, and Marriott used the company and all 3 have my email address. Today I got a junk email from "my first and last name" to my email address. I was a bit curious and clicked it. I guess I think that I should buy Rolex watches at a great discount. I am sure that was from that security breach. The article said that spammers would use the information that they stole to tailor spam to look more like something I might click on. Well, they got me there. I did open it. Of course I didn't click the link. I will be extra vigilant now for emails that look like they came from Verizon, Chase or Marriott or anything else asking for any personal information.

No rain yesterday. I was disappointed. Now they are saying rain on Saturday. I got another 100 gallons from my rental house and emptied it in to my jacuzzi just in case it does rain. There will be room in my tanks to collect all that free water. While I was at the rental house I noticed a letter taped to the front door of the house next door. I went over to see what it said. One was a 5 day notice of abandonment. The other was a 48 hour notice to enter the premises. It seems the last tenant left without telling the management company. I saw them moving out. They left last Friday. So that owner had irresponsible tenants even though they had a management company. I know it can still happen but I sure hope it happens less with MY management company. I am bummed that there is another vacant house next to mine. More competition. The carpet in there is trashed though and I am sure it needs to be painted. It won't be ready to rent for a while. I wish mine would get rented! Just got to get those closet doors installed on Saturday and then I am sure someone will just fall in love with it.


Dave said...

Blocking an email address rarely works to prevent spam because the spammers use a new email address to send their emails such as the Nigerian Lottery scam and male enhancement drugs (I know you don't need those LOL!).

Banks never ask for personal info such as SSN or passwords in an email, adn they have taken some useful precautions to assure their customers that their website is the legit one BEFORE the customer logs in.

One thing you can do to see if there is a bad link within a suspicious email is to carefully hover the mouse arrow over the link WITHOUT clicking on it. This way, you can see the web address without clicking on it. Often, it is a fake or spoofed address of a real one such as a bank's online banking login screen, made to look like the real thing.

Banks also have on their home pages a link to report fraud or email scams. I know Chase (not my bank) has one, as does my own bank which I have sent some fake emails to.

Daizy said...

I get a huge amount of dating site spam and mystery inheritance spam. For a while I was getting the Toyota lottery emails. All they needed to know is which port I would like my new free Toyota sent to. I liked that one because the English that they used was so awkward.