Sunday, April 17, 2011

Short Week Ahead

I took one of my foster dogs to training class today. I'm not sure it did any good or maybe my dog didn't need training. I actually went because my other friend wanted to take her dog but didn't want to go alone. It was interesting but I don't really want to go back because it is an hour away. That's a very long time and I would rather be doing a million other things.

After that we went to a small adoption event with only 3 dogs. Unfortunately, no dogs got adopted but I did talk to many nice people.

The weekend had slipped away so quickly again. I hope this week goes quickly too because I have Friday off and I am really looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

Tomorrow I get to leave work early to go to the dentist but I am not looking forward to that. At least the dentist is near the grocery store so I can do some quick shopping without getting home too late. It is nice when errands can be are convenient. Now I just need to stick to my grocery list and not go crazy like last time. I need bleach, lemon lime soda, bread and tomatoes. That is it.


KoBold said...

So you get Good Friday off but Easter Monday not?

Daizy said...

Nope. I really have never known Easter Monday to be celebrated here. Most companies do not give Good Friday off but ours decided a lot of people take it off anyway so we get it.