Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Hotter

These 2 day weekends are way too short. I need one day to catch up and one day to make any progress but with dog activities I don't make any progress. Today I got the essential things done...nap(very important), laundry (7 loads, took ALL day), cleaning, dog walk. Ok, I did make a tiny bit of progress. I gathered one bag of trash from the garage, I added some shade fabric to the dog run, and I hung another curtain on the sliding door. The curtain is not fixed yet. I haven't decided what to do with the sliding door. I think I will put something on the glass to block out the sun. It gets so hot in there. Sunny days in the winter are great because it warms up quickly but the rest of the year is stifling hot and the curtain can only block so much.

I also finally filed my taxes. If I did them correctly I should be getting $500 back. I am hoping I can put that towards the mortgage if nothing else comes up before the direct deposit goes in my bank account. I go to the dentist on Monday. Maybe everything will be ok and I won't need any expensive work done.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy dog day so I had better go to bed.

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