Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Reward For The Effort

Today was another one of those days that I wish I could do over. The adoption event was from 3-8 at the college but we didn't get any adoptions. Plus we had to park very far away. the best part was watching the police dog demonstration. That is always interesting. We packed up at 7 when it started getting dark but still that was 4 hours there plus one hour to get ready and drive there and one hour to pack up and get home. I'm not doing that event next year.

I met a volunteer there who was eager to walk dogs and help out. Unfortunately he is only a freshman in college and rides a bike so he can't make it all the way to my place. I don't know what happened to my neighbors who used to walk my dogs. I saw a moving truck in their yard the other day and before they had mentioned that they might move out of state. Too bad. It was great having free dog walkers next door.

This morning was lovely. I got up with the dogs and did some chores while it was cool. I got my thrift store clothes washed then I took a nap with the dogs because they don't settle down again until 8:30 or 9am. After that I packed up all of my warm weather clothes and hung up my new clothes so my closet is more roomy and I have a lot of new choices. I an actually looking forward to getting ready for work on Monday because I get to wear something new. Not that I am eager to start another week. This 3 day weekend has been great. One more day to go. I had better make the most of it.

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