Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still Sick

I was miserable all day yesterday. I barely got out of bed except to feed the dogs and run to the bathroom (too much information?). I'm feeling a little bit better today. At least my head doesn't hurt so much. I don't think I should have to go back to work until I am able to clean my floor. One day of not being able to clean and things have, well, gone to the dogs. Maybe tomorrow I will have enough energy to get the floor scrubber out. At least the dogs have let me sleep although initially they were so excited that I was still in bed that they wanted to play and jumped all over me. They've calmed down now and we are just chilling. I wish I was well enough to watch some Hulu TV. Maybe tomorrow.

Note to self: Buy an air conditioner soon. It is 85 here and it gets hot in the afternoon. That reminded me that my old AC was freezing up last year. I certainly don't want to wait until there are no more in the stores like I did with the heater last winter.


Anonymous said...

hey there-- feel better soon! You'll get all this stuff done. EiLyn

Daizy said...

Thanks EiLyn. The list is getting shorter but progress seems to be getting slower. I know, it will be done soon.