Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Better

Today started off rough but after a nap and some macaroni and cheese, it went much better. There was so much to catch up on because things go down hill fast with this many dogs and no energy. Not only that but my lifestyle at the moment is very labor intensive and if I don't have the energy then I run out of something important like water. Of course laundry was also out of the question, not only because I have limited water but because hauling buckets to the washing machine would be impossible in my weakened state. Luckily I did have medicine, lemon lime soda, sherbet, chicken noodle soup and best of all, frozen mac and cheese. I had other frozen meals like lasagna and chicken alfredo but they didn't sound that great at the moment.

After lunch I was able to clean my floor, fill my water tank with 100 gallons from my holding tank, pick up dog poop and finally, take a shower.

My tile guy said that he had time to seal my grout so I said ok since I obviously don't have the time. That should be done now which leaves me with the little things that I still haven't done. I almost want to hire a maid to clean so that it actually gets done instead of put off again. I wonder how much a maid costs? I wonder if I have any money left in my bank account. I can't wait until thing house is rented again and I can stop talking about rental house chores. At least the chores are almost done.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
Its probably stress which is bringing you done to get you sick. Its nearly over and back to normal honest. Hope you feel better soon

Daizy said...

Yes, nearly over and then I can start on my own mobile home renovation. The dogs will love that.