Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Hard To Get Out Of Bed

I really missed my nap with the dogs today. Someday my schedule is going to include an afternoon nap with the dogs. I think that would be great. Of course it should also include a walk with the dogs. I can't be totally lazy.

Work was ok today. I got some things done that I was supposed to do last week. Email and the phone were surprisingly quiet. Maybe they thought I was still out sick. At lunch I ran over to the house and met with a house cleaner. She's going to dust the floors, clean the windows, bathroom and kitchen. If that gets done on Friday then I can tackle my list and maybe it will all get done this weekend. I am meeting with the property manager on Monday to take pictures and get it advertised so whether I am finished or not, it's going to be available for potential tenants to view it.

Soon it will be rented and I can stop all of this thinking and planning and counting the outflow of dollars. I figured out that I have around $5,900 for this project. I still haven't added up all of the receipts. After I take the extra tile and grout back and get a credit then I will do a final tally. I'm hoping I didn't go over too much so that I can pay off my Home Depot credit card soon and get on with the mortgage payments. I looked at my mortgage spreadsheet today and it looks so...stuck. I'll be back on track soon.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

wow, i so cant afford a rental property. Hope you make it all back

Daizy said...

I am expecting excellent tenants and top rent from this property management company. Oh, and no stress also. I hope I am not hoping for too much!