Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rain On Monday

I've been watching the 10 day forecast for months now in hopes of rain. It seems like every time there is hope, it fades as it gets near. This time they say it will rain on Monday. That would be wonderful if it actually happened. I've seen a few wildflowers this year but nothing like the usual array of blooms. It just has to rain soon. I suppose whining about it won't help but, whaaaa! I want rain! Collecting rainwater is no fun at all when there is nothing to collect.

One more day and then it is the weekend. Being sick for half of the week certainly makes the week go quickly. I am trying not to over-schedule my weekend but there are just so many things that I want to do. Finish the to-do list on the house Saturday and take the extra tile back. Go shopping for groceries. Take the puppies to an adoption event on the other side of town on Sunday. Do laundry. Too bad I don't have a 3 day weekend.

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