Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

I didn't want the living room/kitchen/dining area to be one big sea of continuous tile so I went shopping for an accent border to separate the kitchen/dining area. Before this was separated by the linoleum/carpet transition. I went to a tile outlet store because I just wasn't sure about the ones that I found at Home Depot. The tile outlet let me take 4 samples home for free to see how they looked.

I picked the second one from the top. It is simple but interesting and it was the only one that was made with ceramic tiles. The others were made from stone so the texture didn't match. I really tried to like the bottom one because it was in stock but it was darker than I wanted so I ordered 5 sheets of the square pattern and it will be in on Tuesday.

The living room is mostly done and it looks good. Tomorrow I am going to put up some of the window coverings that I bought. Before I went with all mini blinds but they get beat up so easily. The other problem is that they don't seem to fit my windows. The 2 side windows in front are 23 inches wide and 48 inches long. The standard blind size is 42 inches and the next size is 64 inches so they are either too short or too long. Custom blinds are a lot more expensive and they don't seem to be any sturdier than the cheap ones. This time I bought roller shades, vertical blinds and mini blinds for different windows. I'm not sure what is the best window covering for a rental. Maybe I should have bought wood blinds from the beginning? I might just give up on my odd size front windows and buy curtains. I like curtains but I have been told that renters prefer blinds. Perhaps curtains on the bay window will be ok or maybe I should slurge on wood blinds for the bay window so that I don't have to do this again. That would be nice but I am not sure I have any money left to spend.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you can get it all done by next weekend? Looks great!

Daizy said...

Not a chance. This tile thing is taking much longer than I anticipated.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

The better it gets the more tempting it must be to fill move back in. I would prefer to freedom of the desert though.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, there are things I like about it but I just don't feel safe there by myself so that is a major drawback.