Sunday, February 20, 2011

So Many Little Things

My helpers took the day off so it was just me today at my rental. I jumped from chore to chore, trying to get as much done as I could. I forgot how difficult it is to put up window coverings. There are only 2 screws per bracket but they never seem to obey me. Some go in too easily and don't hold, others get stripped heads, and others don't want to go in at all. I managed to get 2 shades up. I'm not impressed with their look. They are cheap and they look cheap. I still like curtains better.

I also finished cleaning the stove top.


You can see the paint starting to come off on the sides. I guess they don't use the same paint on the sides as they do on the top. Oh well, at least that will be covered by the cabinets. I had to use a razor blade for the last bits of black that wouldn't come off with oven cleaner. I have no idea how they managed to leave so much burnt on crud behind. Is it really that hard to clean up a spill after you cook?

After that I vacuumed the floors and sprayed bug killer around the kitchen. I keep seeing little roaches in the kitchen. I hate roaches. That is one thing that I don't have out at my place. Sure I have scorpions, spiders, pack rats, mice and centipedes, but I don't have roaches! I think it is because I am not connected to the city sewer out here. I have seen the roaches come up the drains at the house. Icky! As a landlord it is my responsibility to kill all bugs. The renter cannot find a live bug in the first 30 days or else I have to pay to have the house treated. I am determined to kill them all. I put spray foam in the holes under the sink and I bought the 10 month spray from Home Depot along with traps.

I also tried the garbage disposal and it didn't work. I hit the reset button but it just hummed and tripped the button again. Then I got a broom handle and moved the disposal to see if it would even go around. It moved after much work and then the gross part, I had to put my hand in it to see what was blocking it. Luckily it was just some rocks. Looks like someone dumped a potted plant or something. I cleared out the rocks, disinfected my hand and turned it on and it worked. Then I ran the dishwasher with some Lysol to make it smell better. So many little things that need attention. It seems like the house will never be ready.

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