Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings

Work was really busy for a Monday. I managed to slip away at lunch time and go to my rental house. I didn't get much done since I only get 45 minutes for lunch, just unloaded my bags of supplies and plugged in the microwave. The stovetop is charred black, I should have taken a picture. It has been that way since the last renters. I sprayed it with oven cleaner and will go back tomorrow to see if it helped. Then I sprayed the edges of one of the showers with a cleaner with bleach. I'll rinse it tomorrow and then spray the LimeAway to get rid of all the calcium deposits. I am hoping that it all magically cleans itself overnight. I suppose I will have to do some scrubbing eventually.

A couple of people have asked if I am going to move back in to my house. I started daydreaming about it today at work. I could have a dog room and a nursery for the puppies. There are sidewalks for walking the dogs, a small backyard with a block wall, and plenty of water. Plus it is only 5 minutes from my job. But as appealing as it sounds, my long term goal is to not need the job anymore and moving back in to my house will prolong that goal 3 times longer.

It does sound like fun. Maybe a little "in town" vacation? That is until the dogs start barking and annoying my neighbors and then start chewing up my cabinets and scratching the doors and walls. Ok, maybe it isn't such a good idea. I just need to do a few improvements out here in the rural desert and then it will be more comfortable. I am planning to ask the neighbor if I can get water from the water tank that they fill up at. If I re-arrange my water system, I can free up my 125 gallon tank and use it for hauling my own water. Then I can move my washing machine inside the mobile home and build more dog fence and life out here won't be so tough.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you move into your house and sell the RV and the mobile home? That should make up for a lot of rent. Plus think of the gas you could be saving


Daizy said...

Hi Emily, ya, I could but I don't really like it at my house. It seems nice now because it has a few luxuries that I miss but there is no room to grow. The cons outweigh the pros.