Sunday, February 13, 2011

Invisible Laundry

I decided to take 2 dogs to an adoption event instead of going to my rental house today. I had to go back and check the laundromat for my clothes and the adoption event was only one street away so it seemed to be the most practical choice (of course now that it is over and my dogs didn't get adopted it kind of seems like a waste of time but I never know). When I got to the laundromat the attendant said, "Oh yes, there were 2 bags of clothes. They weren't there when I left yesterday but this morning, there they were." And there they were. It was good to get them back even though the thought of buying new clothes was starting to sound appealing. That is something that is on my After The Mortgage list so I shouldn't jump ahead. I think someone picked my bags up by mistake and brought them back later. I am happy to have everything back in it's place.

I am planning to go to my rental house at lunch time every day this week and hopefully I can take Friday off. I bought some cleaner and gloves and I will do some cleaning every day (hmm...isn't that what I was supposed to do this weekend?). I'm bringing a microwave and some frozen dinners because Marie Callendar dinners were on sale for $1.88 so I stocked up. Maybe that will keep my from getting fast food for every meal, not that a frozen dinner is that much better. It is quicker though.

I hope this week of work is easier than last week. I think the people who were on vacation will be back so I won't have to do their work too. My boss comes back from his trip later on this week. That can be good and bad. I'll just have to wait and see.

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