Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Many Flooring Choices

Kim left a comment yesterday and recommended this: Allure vinyl flooring. I had never heard of it so I looked it up and it looks like what I want. It can be used in wet areas like bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen areas and it is easy to install. I might even be able to do it myself. I haven't gone to see it in person, that is the next step. At around $2 a square foot it is affordable.

I am still thinking of laminate wood for the living room and hallway. I haven't decided to re-do the carpet in the bedrooms yet. I'm bringing my handyman to the house tomorrow at lunch to check out the state of the floors and to see what he recommends. One of my co-workers thinks I should just pay the money and go ahead with tile but unless I finance it I won't have enough money. There are too many other expenses and they are adding up fast. I mean, what if I need to repaint? Yikes. I already know I need to replace the kitchen faucet. The one that is in there was hastily installed and the cheapest model. I let someone else buy it for me and didn't have time to return it.

More updates tomorrow!

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