Friday, January 21, 2011

New Furry Friends

You know when I am this late at posting it is probably one of 3 broke, out partying, or got a new dog.

Ok, I don't use the "out partying" excuse much. If you picked excuse number 3, you are correct. She is a little Schipperke mix. 18 pounds or so. Around the size of a large cat and very soft.

Tomorrow I am taking 2 dogs to the pet store for an adoption event and I really hope one or both get adopted, especially my large black puppy. She woke us all up at 5am wanting to play. I finally got up, kicked them all outside while I dished out the food, then let them back in. After eating they all settled back to sleep around 6am. At 6:10am my alarm went off. Boy am I tired. Building a secure fenced area is back on my priority list. I really need a place where they can play and I can hide. I have started asking friends for recommendations of fence builders. Hopefully someone will give me a good lead soon and if the tiling job for the rental house doesn't cost too much, maybe I can build a good fence...although I am supposed to be paying off the mortgage. Ack...someday I will be able to get past the mortgage and move on to tackling my other goals.


Lizzie said...

ah, little velvet dog, very cute.

Anonymous said...

all your pups are adorable ... wished i could adopt the whole gang myself

Daizy said...

I took her out in public yesterday and strangers were asking me what kind she was. Too bad nobody wanted her when she was at the pound. I don't think she will have any trouble finding a home now that she is out.