Thursday, December 23, 2010

If It's Not One thing It's Another

The puppies went on their little outing today and one got adopted. Then my friend said she could keep the other 3 puppies because it is easier for people to come to her house and see them. I can't believe it, no more puppies! I went from spending an hour cleaning up after dogs in the morning and in the evening. Now it takes me maybe 10 minutes. I have free time again! Maybe I can go back to watching old Stargate episodes on Hulu. After the holidays I plan on getting another mom and puppies but I will try to wait a few weeks.

I still have my Houdini dog and he has been in a crate all day while I am at work so that he doesn't escape. Today I thought he might like being in the bathroom and hallway instead. When I came home he was in the dog run with the other dogs. He managed to push the piece of wood and cinder block away from the doggie door and escape. At least he didn't climb out until I got home.

Tomorrow I think I will go buy a door for the bathroom so he can live in there when I am away. I don't really know which way is better. With a crate he can see the other dogs. In the bathroom he would be alone. I think he will hate both options. If only I had a cover on my dog run then he could stay out. It is funny how every dog poses new challenges. Just when I figure out one problem I get a new dog that has a different problem.

I will try not to spend a lot of money on this problem. I have some Home Depot gift cards so I should have enough to pay for a door. Maybe they will have some sort of kennel cover that will withstand a determined monkey-dog. I can always hope.


flower girl said...

I measured my stocking and a puppie will fit perfectly! Hahaha

Daizy said...

Aww...I would love to bring one! Unfortunately I bet I'd have to bring it back with me.

flower girl said...

Yes, I cam see how that is a problem since Molly is as bad as a puppie!

Daizy said...

Hmm...not potty trained, gets in to things, eats stuff she shouldn't. Yup, just like a puppy!