Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I wrote this post yesterday while in the airplane:

I am in the air flying back to Phoenix right now. I was hoping for free WiFi in the Spokane airport like Tucson had but no. They only have a subscription service. That may be good for business people but it certainly isn’t very convenient for the occasional traveler.

On the way up to Spokane I made it through Tucson airport security without any problems. I made sure I separated my luggage and all of the questionable items like liquids and my netbook. I even took my sweatshirt off because once I got the “wand” for being too bulky when I was wearing a sweatshirt. When I arrived at the Spokane airport for my trip back I got the full treatment. I went through the backscatter xray machine with my hands over my head and joked that I was a reindeer. Good thing the TSA agent was in a good mood. I probably shouldn’t have joked at all…not after the woman got thrown off our plane on my way up for laughing too loudly. Next I got a closer inspection from a female TSA agent who said my ponytail was what made me have to go through super-inspection. That’s good to know. She also looked at my watch. Good thing she didn’t look too closely or she would have noticed that the back is suspiciously glued on. Next time I fly, no sweatshirt, no ponytail, and my watch will go in the bin with the rest of my possessions.

I was hoping for a window seat so I could get some sleep but I am stuck in an aisle seat again. I get a window seat on my connecting flight to Tucson but it is only an hour. Better than nothing I guess. I can’t wait to get home and see my dogs. I haven’t left them since last Christmas. It is nice to know they will be happy to see me. I mean, I used to travel and leave my cat behind but she really wasn’t that enthusiastic about my return. It was more like “where have you been?”. I’m sure she was happy on the inside.
My flight to Tucson was delayed because of mechanical issues. I made it to my house at 3am. The dogs were sooooo happy. It was a very nice home-coming. Then we all settled down and went to sleep. They woke me up at 7am and I fed them but sent my coworker a text that I would be late and went back to sleep. Around 10 I got up and leisurely cleaned the mobile home and got ready for work. I used a half of day vacation so I didn't go in until 1pm. It was so nice to have a little time to get my home organised again so that I didn't have to come home to a bunch of chores.

I asked my HR person how much vacation I have left. I still have one day after using the half of day today and I get 12 days of vacation again on December 8th. I think I can make it. That is only a little over a week away.


Kyle said...

Thought you'd like to see this site...
It lets you simulate playing the lottery for YEARS, and the TRUE chances you have. Perhaps you could write an article outlining the difference between playing this for a year ($365) or investing a dollar a day into a 1% savings account (typical going rate).
Thanks and keep up the great work! My wife and I both love your site!


Daizy said...

Kyle, I tried it and am very depressed now. I played 1000 days and only made $235. Now what am I going to do for my back-up retirement plan? Ugh.