Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend To-Do List

Yea, it's Friday night. Already I am thinking about everything that I want to do. It is overwhelming really. I was going to try to get up early and go shopping in town then drive all the way back home and pick up 2 dogs for the adoption event. But then I was asked to come early and help set-up so I took the opportunity to negotiate for an hour of dog-free time during the event so I can sneak away to Big Lots. It sounds like a win-win to me. I don't have to make 2 trips and they get help.

I had my new dog at work with me. I found out that he is a ball-dog. I haven't had a ball-dog since my first foster. First he destroyed a tennis ball on the way to work. We were stuck in traffic because there was an accident and the Life-flight helicopter had to land. My dog kept himself occupied by first ripping all the fuzz off the ball and then shredding the rubber in to bite size pieces which are still in my truck. Then I gave him a squeaky ball when we got to work and he loved it. I had to keep my office door shut because of the squeaky noise. He managed to pull out the squeaker after about an hour. Then I threw what was left of the ball for him and he brought it back. Even some coworkers and my boss threw the ball for him.

Anyway, besides all the dog chores this weekend, I absolutely must do laundry. I can't believe how much more laundry I have with dogs. I was using an old comforter for my bed and they have shredded one corner where they jump up on the bed. I will wash it and then cut off the ripped part and use the rest as a kennel pad. I have another comforter in the shed from my rental house. Might as well start using it. It isn't doing anyone any good in storage except maybe providing hiding places for the spiders. Ick.

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